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Merchant Square, Estate, London W2 1PW

Monday - Friday , 11am - 7pm


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Simply Falafel was dreamt up whilst we where in Lebanon on holiday it was a gloriously hot summer’s day, when we were searching for a hearty and nutritious meal that would taste great, and still leave some change in our pockets. 

Growing tired of generic pizza and burgers, the duo stumbled upon a small specialist delicatessen with three basic ingredients: Falafel, hummus and olive oil. In no time at all, the bowls were wiped spotlessly clean. We looked at each other and smiled, and a plan was put into motion, to open a street vendor dedicated to serving traditional Lebanese Falafel, which would satisfy every craving, with health and nutritional value as an added bonus. 

Simply Falafels mission is to cater to the adventurous Londoner’s taste buds with homemade Falafel and mouth-watering toppings, accompanied by refreshing salads and decadent desserts. We strive to focus on taste, value for money, freshness, and simplicity. Most of all, we are proud to concentrate solely on what we love most – wholesome, traditional wraps that are made completely from scratch. 


The extraordinary community spirit that thrives in London has always inspired our company. As a result we are very keen to give back to the city that we love by donating a percentage of our profits to those in need in our outreach programme. 

We look forward to welcoming you all to the Simply Falafel family.




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